Fuat Alican has pursued an international career, both academically and professionally, with his pursuits taking him to the United States, the United Kingdom, and Latin America. He did his undergraduate, graduate and doctoral work in economic and administrative sciences, his alma mater being Millsaps College.

Having worked as a scholar, executive and entrepreneur, Fuat is a leading expert in information and communication technologies (ICT), with a particular specialty in the software sector. His professional background includes multinational experience in the banking industry, specifically with Citigroup and Salomon Brothers. He collaborated in investment and corporate banking, comprising a focus on the ICT sector, in these two institutions. Additionally, he functioned as the Vice Chairman and the Chief Strategist of Netsis Software until recently. He also served as the Vice President of CIFOCICA (Central American Scientific Research and Education Center) for four consecutive terms.

Fuat is the author of numerous well-received publications, including books as well as articles, in the fields of economics, technology, and international politics. His research interests encompass development informatics and software. As a lifelong scholar, he is also an amateur linguist, studying his fifth language, and a proud volunteer of works ranging from the protection of sea turtles to socioeconomic projects.